Saturday, November 29, 2008

Obi So Far

Obi is staying with me this evening so to try out being away from mum. So far he is doing awesome. To give you an idea of what he is dealing with:
  • 1 set of super steep stairs;
  • 2 cockatiels that think big black dogs are super-scary and if they open their wings and hiss like a snake said big dog will be scared (and not MORE interested!);
  • 1 lonely Zebra Finch;
  • 2 Guinea Pigs;
  • 1 jealous Cardigan;
  • 1 Super Schnauzer who thinks welcoming his house to dogs with GOOD manners is no big deal;
  • 1 super husband with a goatee.

It took Obi a second to do my stairs. He stared up them like, "huh, really?" And then up he went. Bug is being a grumble-puss. He is convinced that Obi is going to steal me away somehow.

Once I ate lunch, I decided to take Obi for a walk to try and make sure he was relaxed and had gone to the bathroom. Katrin will be proud - we sat at all curb cuts and there was no pulling on leash.

Second walk after dinner with jealous-Cardi and Super-Schnauzer, a bit of pulling so I put the GL on Obi so as not to reinforce any bad behavior. We want an Ike on leash, not a Buggie.

Obi is interested in the birds and the g-pigs but not overly so. He is more interested in the birds because they react and try to scare him. He could care less about the pigs aside from the fact that they smell good.

Right now I have a Bug asleep beneath my feet and an Obi nuzzling me. Will keep everyone posted. I did try to find some children for Obi to not look at, but there wasn't anyone about this afternoon! I suppose they are still recovering from T-day.


Katrin said...

THANK YOU again Julie!!!!!!!!!!! Glad he's being a good boy for you

Jules said...

He's being VERY good. And he and Bug are having fun playing too!