Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Teasel Treatment 2

Last night I did a second Teasel treatment on Ike. He fell asleep. I found myself incredibly relaxed as well. It will be interesting to see, once Ike’s treatment is complete how it effects Bug. Buggie relaxes with me, but more often than not he is go-go-go. Hence the nickname Bug! Will the Teasel treatment knock him out too?

Since we started the Cat’s Claw and Life Exxtension with Ike I KNOW he feels MUCH better. I hope the Teasel treatment adds to that.

I have noticed this past few days with the Lachesis and Aspen (and the Teasel) he is LESS reactive. Thank you dog-gods. I do these things (homeopathy and alternative treatments), because I do believe in the potential for them to work. When they work I am floored (I suppose that will start to happen less and less – the flooring part). This is how people are converted, I suppose. ;D

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