Monday, June 1, 2009

Addicted to Agility - Sunday

Sunday started with Touch n Go followed by Jumpers. Touch n Go was a hoot. Carmie and I were not speaking the same language! We had two off-courses, a major fault, and a blown d/w contact!

First off course was from #5 to #6 - Carmie went into tunnel #7 (note the 7 should be next to the 1 - not where I drew it). I did a front cross after the a-frame - I suspect I was late. The funny thing is although I walked it with a front cross there I changed my mind and decided I would pull away from the a-frame and rear cross #6. Well, when I was running I completely forgot my plan and ran what I walked!

Second off-course was #8 she took tunnel # 2 twice. The first time I didn't stop my forward motion soon enough. I stopped at the base of the a-frame. Gah! I was also closer to the a-frame than I should have been - so between my forward motion and closeness I totally pushed her into the tunnel. I tried again and into the tunnel we went - so I just tried to run as fast as possible and have fun with the rest of the course. Hence the blown contact - I was WAY ahead of Carmie and we haven't proofed the dog walk with me yards and yards ahead of her at all. Oh well. Carmie had an absolute blast and that is much more important! And I had a blast because she had a blast 50 faults, and all. (The circles are Hoops.)

Jumpers I forgot where I was going and totally lied to my dog. I caught the mistake soon enough but Carmie took some convincing to get moving again; pretty sure that was in part the sun. She just stood there, but I got around her and got her going. We were .22 of a second over time and she did come off the misdirection for me, so I was happy.

We did scratch Chances as it was the second to last class of the day and I was beat. All in all a good day and fun.

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