Friday, June 5, 2009

Short Hike and Deer Shanks

Yesterday I took the boys for a 35 - 40 minute hike/strenuous walk at Borderland. I label the walk/hike strenuous because we were speedwalking in order to pick the broken dh up from a doctor's appointment at 6:30. So while it was brief and fairly flat, I think it was good for us. We went from Pond Walk to Pond Edge Trail back to Pond Walk coming up behind the Ames Mansion. There were loads more people about and quite a few dogs. Both boys were very good. Lots of c/t for keeping it together when creepy (high) teenagers walked by.

My goal is to try in get a minimum of one hike in a week in order to help build Bug's strength up. Hopefully I can manage that!

As a reward I picked up some deer shanks at Coolen's. My boys LOVE these and will chew on them for days even after the sinew, skin, and marrow is long gone.

Tonight Bug is going to be boarded with Katrin and Ike will be staying with the in-laws (gulp!!! I guess I know what parents feel like when they leave their kids with a babysitter). I am headed out to the CPE Nationals to work on Saturday. It will be fun to watch competitors of all sorts play!


101mutts said...

Have fun at the CPE Nationals! It sounds like a lot of fun. Are they usually this close or do they move around?

Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

Have fun at Nationals!

Is it just me, or has Borderland really gone down the toilet since the addition of disc golf? It seems to attract smashed frat boys from Stonehill like moths to a flame. I've been going to Borderland since I was but a wee child, and I NEVER saw empty beer bottles/smashed glass on trails before they added it. :/

I dunno... I guess it would've been nice to see new picnic tables and more trash cans instead. :(

Jules said...

Hey Shaya, The Nationals move around, last year they were in Michigan - the year before Nova Scotia. I think they will be in Florida next year.

Cat: Yikes. I am fortunate I have not seen broken glass. I was surprised by the amount of teenagers "hanging around," though.