Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Guess who did their Weave Poles?

With no cages?


I am so excited. We have been working really hard and are down to one cage in the middle of the weaves. Today, I took the leap and removed all the cages and you could SEE her thinking. Right now she is slow, but I hope with confidence and more practice she will pick up the speed.

I can't believe it - we have struggled so much with this. I know we're not done, but none-the-less, I am so excited!

Of course, I pushed it a bit longer than I should have (BAD handler) and the sun started getting lower and she woo-woo'd at me , like "what do you want you crazy lady?" But we are almost there!!


Diana said...

WooHoo!! Diana

Katrin said...

WooHooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!