Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Last night I practiced with both boys.

Bug worked on stand and allowing me to move his hind leg, judge side. I tried both ways that have been suggested (moving by handling the hock and pushing the stifle). I am not clear yet which worked better or if they worked equally well. I will have to fool around with it.

I bought the ebook Click to Win by Karen Pryor. It is a collection of articles she wrote about clicker training show dogs for the AKC Gazette. I hope it has some useful pointers. Last year I bought Positive Training for Show Dogs - Building a Relationship for Success by Vicki Ronchette. I felt like the Positive Training for Show Dogs book would be a better fit for someone who already has experience in the breed ring and is looking for a way to cross-over into a more positive training style, not the newbie to the breed ring I am!

The Ike worked on Finish Right, Left About Turn (both of these use the Around cue), heel, Down-stay, and sit-stay. He was VERY eager to work. I made sure we worked with his leash on too.

We finished the night with both boys receiving massages!

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