Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weave Poles Class # 6

Thursday night was our final Weave Pole class. I definitely got a lot more out of this class than I did when I took it with Carmen. Because Bug lives with me it was MUCH easier to practice on a daily basis (at least until we ran into the psoas muscle issue) than it was with Carmie.

There were things I was pleased with last night and things I was not pleased with.

I am pleased that Bug is jumping much more confidently and having more fun. I am pleased he did so well with the weave poles (only two cages on each set of six) given we have had to back off our training schedule (and are still working with 3 on ATM).

I am NOT pleased by how easily distracted he is in the barn. Last night he did a little circuit, running around, and was very visually stimulated and not very connected to me. At a later point in the same run he saw a mouse and he thought he needed to try and get it. Obviously I need to do more foundation work with him!

I feel like I could have set him up for more success by taking him out for a brief walk before his run too. Short dogs went last, last night so he worked on “settle” while we were waiting and it took some time to get through the other dogs. After working on stationary exercises and being quiet I definitely should have given him an opportunity before his actual run to unwind. Bad handler.

I had lent Shaya (with Tom) my copy of Control Unleashed. She returned it last night. I think I will re-read it and work the exercises with Bug.

I am guilty of my own version of tunnel vision. I think about Control Unleashed and I think about Ike’s reactivity, not Buggie’s lack-of-focus (on occasion). It is applicable for both, though!

Not a bad class (start-line stays were pretty good, fun with jumping, nice weaves) but lots to work on.


Traci said...

I have some focus issues with Kota as well, when we're out at agility... be it sniffing or lollygagging.... I personally haven't stressed too much about it as long as we're not working right then, giving him the benefit of the doubt that he's a dog! But I'd be interested in hearing what some good suggestions would be for retaining focus - especially at the beginning of a run (start line). When I put Kota on a sit / stay or wait, he'll sniff or look around sometimes and it annoys the living daylights out of me... suggestions?
He finally is getting weaves too, tho we're not using cages... We have adjustable weaves that come together and move apart - and we're finally getting it when they poles are almost at their closest. Now our instructor wants me to get some distance away from him ... fun times! :)

Nancy said...

Mice are a Big distraction with my JRT as well, but he is getting better. I have done a lot of Control Unleashed with him and it has been wonderful for us, and helped in many ways.

Jules said...

Bug was getting very distracted at his startline, but I think with him it was def. stress about jumping. We have been practicing jumping (he is getting happier about it) and his start lines are much better.

My goal is to be cooler than dirt (© Katrin) for Bug and at the moment I sometimes fail. Our relationship doesn't have enough intrinsic value when there are more exciting things to sniff and see (like mice)!

So, I want to work on it!! Nancy, I am glad you have had so much success with Control Unleashed and mice among other things, I am sure. :-p Traci - def. worth checking out. The games would help with the focus issues.