Sunday, March 29, 2009

Act-Up Club Meeting and the Bug-a-boo

Yesterday evening was the Act-Up Club Annual Meeting. I brought Bug because I want to work on focus with him. Lately I feel like I am losing him at moments. I also knew our chiropractor would be there and wanted to have her muscle test him to ensure he is not allergic to InFlight.

Bug did very well. Granted the deck was stacked in his favor - it was a small meeting. But seriously, he hung out on leash and was crated for periods of time and he was very well behaved and attentive. He even made best buddies with a dachshund/beagle mix named Dasher.

Cheryl muscle tested Bug for the InFlight. He is not allergic. She was petting/massaging him when we both saw Bug tighten up. His psoas muscles were like ROCKS (they continue into the pelvis and without attention would most likely result in his pelvis ending up out of alignment). Uh-oh.

Based on that reaction I asked if Cheryl was willing to do a session on him. His pelvis was in place but portions of his lower back were out of alignment resulting in severe strain on his psoas muscles. I mentioned that we were learning to weave and practicing tops 3 minutes a day.

Cheryl said given his long back that could definitely be what is causing this. So Bug is on a strict massage and traumeel regimen. Cheryl also asked that I not practice weaves for the next two days, at the very least. I need to ask her if that is what she really wants or if we should hold off longer.

Ironically I just got around to opening the April issue of Clean Run and the Editorializing.... note is by Ann Croft and is about widening the spacing between poles from 20" to 24" due to the wear and tear on dog's bodies. The piece in the magazine is abridged, you can read the full article with pictures in the Magazine Forum of the Clean Run web site. Definitely food for thought.

Cheryl also checked Bug's head to see if it was in alignment; often times sound sensitivity is related to the head being out of alignment. I didn't know that, although it makes sense. Bug's head was out of alignment in a sit and down. So Cheryl adjusted both of those. It will be interesting to see if it helps his recent sound sensitivity. My DAP diffuser arrived on Friday, so that is plugged into the socket in the bed room where the boys spend the day.

This session with Cheryl also illustrates to me how important it is to give your drs, chiropractors, etc as MUCH information as possible. Sometimes I do feel like I have verbal diarrhea going on, but this is a perfect example of how little nuggets of information can lead you down a different path that might hold the answer.

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