Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Spy Progress....Tues. Nite Agility

Last Night Carmie and I had a good class. I would venture to say the best one in a while. I did not attempt one front cross! I did not do a front cross between 4 and 5 or between 11 and 12. (I expect to regress next week.)

I did a rear cross going into the weaves! The first time I blew it by not stopping my motion enough and allowing Carmie to get ahead of me. After that we were successful. Very interesting.

I find I have more success in class if I think throughout the day about what I want to accomplish. I kid you not. Yesterday, all day, I kept thinking, “Let her get ahead of you. Make her move. Go Slow.” And I was much more successful!

I didn’t worry about the serpentine at all. I reserved all my anxiety (needlessly) for the rear cross into the poles.

The first run-thru the first set of poles had all the cages on. The second set had cages only on the left side. During the second run-thru the first set had cages on the left side (and the second set was the same as the first run-thru) and as we ended the course the dogs could really build up some speed. I was SO pleased that Carmie nailed the entrance.

In other news, I must have been reading Katrin’s mind because I was thinking this week I really need to teach Carmie “down” on cue. How sad is this? She is a good little worker and I have never spent the time to teach her to “down.” I planned on reinforcing Carmie’s sits and working on down between runs. Then I saw the table in yesterday’s course and Katrin’s request for a down on it. Hah! Serendipity, I guess.

All in all a good class. I do wish I had brought my camera last night. I do not think I have ever seen the barn so muddy. And there are lots of dogs with pantaloons in class (3 Aussies and one AA)! What a mess. Carmie looked like she was wearing brown boots by the end. Needless to say she got a bath when we got home. She was NOT a happy camper. Lucky for her I didn’t decide to torture her and make her sit for 10 minutes with White on White on her furnishings. Wouldn’t that have been cruel!?


Blue said...

Oh boy, everyone was so muddy! You and Carmen both had a really good class.

manymuddypaws said...

progress is a good thing!!! isn't it grand when it all starts coming together?

Nancy said...

Great job on the rear crosses., they are a great tool to have! It is always fun to have a good practice.