Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weave Poles Day # 9

Oh, Bug, how I love thee. He has such a different brain than Ms. Carmen. Not that I do not love Carmie – her brain just challenges me in different ways.

Switched the gates – yesterday was the first day with the gate off on the other entrance. The Bug did a super job.

Now Ms Carmen …. I also practiced with her before last night's class. It was frustrating. I really do not feel like she “gets it” (at all). Once the cages are removed the picture is TOTALLY different for her and she starts stressing. Yesterday we were working with just one gate and she was repeatedly missing entries, etc. And stress sniffing! Not something she usually does. :-/

I think I have two choices. See if I can get someone to lend me their 2x2 DVD (since I nervous about purchasing both a set of 2x2 weaves and the DVD at the same time given the economy), OR start from scratch with the cages method again.

I *think* I am going to start from scratch again (since that just costs time not $$) and be as meticulous about her weaves as I am being with Bug. Carmie learning the weave poles has been a very frustrating (and long) process; as a result I am being meticulous with Bug. I think there is the possibility Carmen would benefit from the level of meticulous planning I am displaying with Bug.

This training issue reiterates to me how incredibly different each dog is and the way in which they learn.

If after starting from scratch with Carmen’s weaves we still do not see success, I am going the 2x2 route. I do have a set of stick in the ground poles, so I can work entries with just two poles. Katrin and I also discussed how Carmen might be a good candidate for Weav-A-Matics. Of course, I have never used Weav-A-Matics, so that would also mean a new set of poles and training dvd. At least with the 2x2 method I have attended a seminar where it was reviewed and I have a decent idea of where/how to train it.

I am in the process of creating a cheat sheet for Katrin’s weave class to track our progress, which I think will be helpful for both.


Diana said...

I did WAM's with my dogs. I made them myself out of PVC and just followed the instructions in clean runs spcial issue. I did do weave pole entries with Miley using the 2 x 2 method. I used stick in the ground weave poles but I did buy the DVD for the 2 x 2 method. maybe you can borrow someone's DVD. Diana

Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

If I had the 2x2 DVD I'd lend it to you... but alas, that is not the case, I'm just using the workbook.

Depending on when you decide to start over, I MAY be done with Strata's 2x2s by then, so I might be able to loan you my bases.

The lack of cages is exactly why I decided to use 2x2s... there is no massive, loud prop to fade.

Jules said...

Ah...well, if Carmen's weaves are still broken and mr Strata's are in working order I would like to take you up on that. I do have the work book and one of the Tracy S seminars I went to focused on it - so mabe I really only need the bases. I believe there is also someone at Riverside that teaches 2x2....

Liz said...

Hi Julie
They teach 2x2 at Gemini. I think it takes a long time, but once they get it, they get it.

I have 2 sets you could borrow if you like. There are quite a few videos online of people teaching using the DVD, so you might be able to get pointers that way without buying the DVD yourself.

Jules said...

Thank you, Liz. That is SUPER generous of you!!