Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chiro Appt - Poor Buggie-Boo

Bug threw his pelvis out of alignment about 3 weeks ago with a teeter fly-off. Two weeks ago Cheryl saw him, aligned him and we made plans for his follow-up visit that Saturday. Then Jack was sick. Screeech - change of plans.

So, we missed the follow-up appointment and weren't able to go last week cause of everything going on with Jack. Bug was definitely off at class two Thursdays ago - he was tentative about the contacts and a bit of an Eeyore. I think part of it was having just been aligned - the rest was the wind and rain.

Bug saw Cheryl today and while his pelvis held, his sacrum was out, and he was VERY tender. Poor pumpkin. Good thing he gets to go to a massage seminar with me this weekend!

We'll see Cheryl again next week and hopefully the boy will have held his alignments and be on the road to balance.

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